Are you a man or woman on peritoneal dialysis? #14003

Location: Minneapolis

Stay: 18 overnight stays/1 return visit OR can opt for daily visits to the clinic

Gender: Male/Female

Ages: 18+

Compensation: $3250/Outpatient or $4450/Inpatient

Smokers Allowed: Yes

Study Overview:

The purpose of this study is to understand how the body processes a study drug that is being developed for the treatment of low red blood cell count or anemia, that is common with chronic kidney disease.  You will receive one 5 mg dose of the study drug every morning for 14 days. Smokers must be willing to abstain from smoking when they are in the clinic, which would include overnight stays.  Volunteers can choose to NOT stay overnights, with the exception of 2 occasions: Day -1 to Day 2 and Day 13 to Day 17.  Finally, all volunteers are required to return to the clinic 8 days from the last dose of the study drug for a follow up visit.

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