5 Alternative Spring Break Ideas that Make a Difference

Posted by: I Support Research

I Support ResearchForget sitting at home watching Netflix or joining hoards of tourists in crowded bars – why not spend your spring break making a difference this year? Here are five alternative spring break ideas that will actually make a difference:

  1. Volunteer locally

Maybe it’s with a group like Habitat for Humanity, or calling a homeless shelter in your city to see if there is a way to get involved for a few days during spring break week in a soup kitchen. VolunteerMatch.org is a great resource where you can enter what causes you are passionate about, and get matched with volunteer opportunities in your city.

  1. Tutor

Put that well educated brain to use this spring break by tutoring students in a subject that you excel in. You might receive compensation for this tutoring based on the organization, or you can choose to volunteer your tutoring time. There are many online resources that pair tutors to students around the world for digital tutoring, or you can tutor at local area schools through a group like Reading Partners.

  1. Get involved in the 2016 presidential election

Getting involved in the upcoming 2016 presidential election doesn’t mean you have to be out there door to door campaigning for your top-choice candidate, though it could. Instead of volunteering to be a foot soldier going door to door, you can get involved by educating yourself through online resources in all of the important issues, and then engaging in a civil and well thought out conversation about those topics with family and friends.

  1. Write an inspiring short novel

If you are interested in writing but don’t know where to start, try tackling a 10,000-word short novel this spring break. Don’t think a novel has the power to change the world? Just look at Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird that empowered humanity in millions of its readers. It doesn’t matter what you decide to write about, or if your short novel will be as impactful as To Kill a Mockingbird – every great writer starts with a blank page.

  1. Contribute to science – and possibly receive compensation doing so

Did you know that you may be able to participate in a clinical trial this spring break, and be compensated? You may help advance science while saving money for the summer to make even more of a difference then. What’s it like to participate in a clinical trial? Find out more!


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