What’s it Like to be a Participant at DaVita Clinical Research®, Lakewood

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Imagine getting to spend a few days away, but instead of going on an expensive vacation you could just stay right here in Denver and enjoy some free time? That’s what it could be like to participate in a clinical research trial with DaVita Clinical Research at their clinic in Lakewood.


State of the art facility – with comfort in mind

DaVita Clinical Research conducts its Denver-based trials at St. Anthony’s Medical Plaza in Lakewood. While the clinic is on the hospital campus, it certainly doesn’t feel like it; it has plenty of windows and open space, great beds, and a welcoming atmosphere.


The space offers areas for work or play, including Wi-Fi and computers for participants to use if they’d like to. There are also games, movies, and a pool table. Meals and snacks are prepared for participants and those staying at the facility are encouraged to dress comfortably, or can wear scrubs the whole time if they want.


The trial itself

Some of your time at the facility will be devoted to activities related to the actual study; how much will vary by study. The facility has a team of medical professionals with doctors and nurses to take care of you the entire time. For most trials, you will check in at the facility at your designated time and then get a tour of the facility. While each study is different, participants are typically required to provide blood or urine samples or allow medical personnel to monitor blood pressure or heart rate.  Generally, specific times will be assigned for you to meet with your team, and you will have been informed of all the study specifics before agreeing to participate, so there should be no surprises. When you’re not doing activities related to the study, you can relax. Get some work done, play pool, or binge on Netflix, — much of the day will be your time.


Getting reimbursed

Of course one of the main benefits of this alternative to a vacation is that you can actually get reimbursed for participating. DaVita Clinical Research will compensate up to $250 per day for its research participants, depending on the study.


Want to learn more about how you can participate in a DaVita Clinical Research® trial in Denver? Start by calling a DaVita Clinical Research recruiter to learn more.


Disclaimer: Phase 1 (in-patient) clinical trials are not intended to treat a disease or condition. Phase 3 (out-patient) clinical trials may help treat an existing disease or condition. The information presented in this blog may be referring to either a phase 1 clinical trial or to a phase 3 clinical trial or to both. If you contact us regarding a trial, be sure to speak with the recruiter about whether or not the trial is intended to treat a condition.