Locations and Facilities

Our out-patient clinical study sites are conveniently located at some of our clinic sites, helping to make it easier for you to participate. You will be seen at scheduled appointments and can return to your home when each appointment is completed. If you decide to enroll in a study, your recruiter will make sure you understand which location you’ll be going to.

Out-patient Clinical Study Sites

Our in-patient research clinics are located in Denver and Minneapolis, and feature a full complement of state-of-the-art equipment and technology. You’ll find everything to be clean, comfortable, and arranged for your convenience. Participants sleep in dormitory style rooms for four or eight people, but there is plenty of space to move about the facility and to find a quiet spot of your own.

Tasty meals and snacks are provided for you during your stay as are a number of entertainment options, including television, internet-connected computers, and pool tables.

To maximize patient safety, both the Denver and Minneapolis inpatient research clinics are located within hospitals.

                       Denver                                            Minneapolis